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Mature content
The New World: Chapter 12 :iconthe-monoblos:The-Monoblos 0 0
Mature content
The New World: Chapter 11 :iconthe-monoblos:The-Monoblos 0 0
The New World: Chapter 10
Religion, or whatever people believe in, is an interesting thing because it requires people to believe what they’re told. Knowledge is control over the masses. There are many cases in which control is quite forceful but religion, it would seem, is not one of these cases. People want to believe in it; not strictly believe exactly what they’re told perhaps but there are elements in sermons and preaches that adhere to what we truly want to believe in. That there is something more to life.
Nicolas Worthing
A study on the condition of being human

December, 2E.1064; on an island in the Vimé lagoon
The mist hung in the air and shrouded the vision of the horse clip-clopping its way towards the end of the long forgotten road. The rider covered his face with his hand, trying to hide the stench of the lagoon from his nose. Although the mist covered it up well the lagoon itself was not far from the side of the road. The rider could in fact
:iconthe-monoblos:The-Monoblos 0 0
The New World: Chapter 9
“For years I hunted down those bastards, getting closer and closer, and then they’d vanish I’d have to start all over again. At times it would seem hopeless and I would return home, to Léo, to Caterina. And then everything would be better again.”
Hassan of the House of Allarror

December, 2E.1057; the home of Gian Regaino, in the town of Léo.
“When is dad’s ship getting in uncle Gian?”
“Caterina, you know how much Hassan doesn’t like it when you call him ‘dad’.”
“Yes, but…”
“But what?”
“Hassan doesn’t like it when I call him dad, and he knows that I don’t like it when you two call me Caterina. It’s hypo… hypo…”
“Hypocritical?” Gian prompted. He sighed: some arguments you just can’t win he decided.
Why Hassan had told her she was never actually named he would never know. Hassan
:iconthe-monoblos:The-Monoblos 0 0
The New World: Chapter 8
The subject, or the protagonist, of a story, is often referred to as being the character subjected to the story. And the story gives them an arc to play out, a journey to undergo. However, we create stories in our lives with ourselves as protagonists, and we interact with hundreds of other stories going on at the same time – those of other people. A story of fiction then, that we may ground ourselves in, also takes in this level of interaction and merging together. This means that we may find a number of protagonists to the stories we tell. Know then that an antagonist (a person or force who represents a direct contradiction to the success of a story) in one story is still the protagonist of his own story and deserves no less or no more respect than any and all other characters’ own stories.
Alistair Movren
An analysis of myths and legends

September, 2E.1048; somewhere in the Great Channel of the new world.
The sea made the boat r
:iconthe-monoblos:The-Monoblos 0 0
The New World: Chapter 7
Following the death of Emperor Victor Francisco in 2E.1048 the imperial courts went into meltdown. After the death of a revolutionary who had left no heir, the empire was in dire straits – a regency council was declared (said council would later take full power) but it was across the burning sea in the new continent where the empire truly lost control. It was now that the new world gained its second name – the name still used by inhabitants of Vimé and Rialto today – The Independence States.
Imperial historian Anna Avana
One-hundred years on; The life of Victor Francisco
Politics is solely for the politicians. Unfortunately its effects are for everyone else.
Graffiti on the walls of an imperial academy 
August, 2E.1048; in the courts of Vimé; capital of the old empire.
The courts had clambered, had shook, and had fallen into pieces following the death of Emperor Victor Francisco, the first and last Emperor of h
:iconthe-monoblos:The-Monoblos 0 0
The New World: Chapter 6
Let it be known that the following individuals are wanted for the heinous crime of regicide:
Manuss Ofelia, Hassan Allarror, Lentz Allarror, Rolunn de Tchekkov, Zainsurra Sybban, Felde Grana, Romunn Pellinor & Bron de Terre
Be warned that these men are so called ‘immortals’ – heathens and freaks who delight in making others feel pain. Do not approach unless armed. A bounty of two thousand ducats shall be paid for each conspirator brought to justice.

Imperial proclamation send to all four corners of the earth
One of the many as yet unsolved questions in the history of the imperial navy remains the sudden disappearance of the HMS Grande in 2E.1048 – the HMS Grande was traversing the burning sea when it vanished. Cargo of note: five hundred copies of the imperial proclamation following the assassination of Emperor Victor Francisco. The HMS Grande was the only ship allowed to carry imperial proclamations. Coincidence?
Unknown a
:iconthe-monoblos:The-Monoblos 0 0
The New World: Chapter 5
Victor Francisco’s reign as Emperor over the known world was marred by war. The way is it is remembered; he never lost a war, even though he only fought in one battle. From his own revolt for the throne to defending his throne from revolt in the opening weeks of the year 1048. The man who, today, is never remembered for his role in Victor’s wars though perhaps should be, was Manuss of the House of Ofelia: an immortal.
Imperial historian Anna Avana
One-hundred years on; The life of Victor Francisco

March, 2E.1048; in the grand city of Rialto in the old world.
Gimignano squeezed the shot glass in his hand as hard as he could. It broke under strength and splintered into lots of little glass shards. The rest of the whisky dribbled out to the bottom of his hand and dripped to the floor.
He hurled the rest of the whiskey bottle into a wall at the far end of the room and stormed towards the front doors of the bank.
“Where are you going!?
:iconthe-monoblos:The-Monoblos 1 0
The New World: Chapter 4
Rialto has often been referred to as the real capital of the empire of Vimé. The city of Vimé has the courthouses, the archives and the imperial palace for sure but the city of Vimé is a city of officials only. It is a city of fake smiles and fake power.
It is in Rialto where the true power lies. It is in Rialto where the florins flow freely with the current of the canal, for is it not known that money makes the world go round?

Introduction to a guide on Rialto, published 1E.1045
I remember in 1040, ten imperial florins could buy you a large cake to feed twelve, with your colour of icing and a personal message on the top. And you’d still have enough to pay the baker a tip.
Today, in 1070, ten imperial florins, from the same bakery, would not quite buy you ten thin slices of hard bread and you can bloody well forget about buying any butter to scrape on it.

Ciro Mateille
Notes on hyperinflation

January, 2E.1048; on a bank of
:iconthe-monoblos:The-Monoblos 1 1
The New World: Chapter 3
All crimes are bad. That’s why they’re crimes and that’s why criminals are punished: for doing these bad things. Human nature tells us that some crimes are worse than other crimes and that the punishment for these must be greater. As an example murder is just one ‘greater’ crime. Humanity argues over what punishment to give. And it never seems to be enough. For whatever reason, to some people, the punishment is never enough whether the crime be murder or whatever else.
Nicolas Worthing
A study on the condition of being human

January, 2E.1048; Suralla
Gimignano sat on the stone spiral steps which lead up into the pulpit inside the small chapel. He held his head in his hands and, not for the first time of late, lay silent and mournful.
The door from he had entered the holy building was narrowly ajar and the faintest glimmers of the suns morning light were just creeping through.
There was nobody else in the chapel with him.
:iconthe-monoblos:The-Monoblos 1 0
The New World: Chapter 2
Immortal - not mortal - beyond mortality. Humanity was always meant to be mortal, not ‘im’mortal. It is an affront then, that the rulers of humanity are not human but freaks of nature. I say no more. I say let us take our lives into our own, human, hands.
The Propaganda of Victor Francisco
“Being a human doesn’t come down to how long you live. It comes down to feelings and emotions. It comes down to eating, shitting and fucking. Let us eat, shit and fuck in peace.”
Tancredi of the House of Cavani 
January, 2E.1048; Suralla.
The sun hung low in the air. Outside the town of Suralla a carriage slowly crept towards one of the steel portcullis gatehouses into the city. The gatehouse was flanked by two, three-storey circular towers with coned roofs. The walls were built from a mix-match of stone mined from the north of the region, in the middle of the marsh where the Daroline River flowed down from the mountains. The slate
:iconthe-monoblos:The-Monoblos 0 4
Mature content
The New World: Chapter 1 :iconthe-monoblos:The-Monoblos 4 1
C.O.W: Chapter 35
Lira turned, still at the top of the tower, and ran towards the other side of it. She snapped her fingers as she jumped off the end of it and a shockwave blasted through the tower roof ripping it apart. She felt the power inside her wrap around her body and she guided herself down quickly, but not too fast, to the ground of the slums below. Flames erupted at the top of the building, slowly building up their intensity before starting to make their way down each of the floors to the ground. Lira however was long gone before anyone turned their attention to the burning tower which, they fortunately didn't realise, had been Marrik's. Both Tris and the commander Moss had crossed the river before the I blew the bridges. With Ferrial on one side of the destroyed slums and the regent on the other Lira was forced to make a choice; who to kill. Ferrial will be across the bridges before too long a voice inside her mind told her he'll be making for the central district, they'll all be there soon,
:iconthe-monoblos:The-Monoblos 11 3
C.O.W: Chapter 34
Madame Murrier smiled to herself as one of her girls led another man away by his hand. More money for the coffers; and the men know there's always a place to come with their deaths so close now. Five days had passed since commander Moss had heard the news about Galamar, meaning that they were now next. She wasn't afraid though, commander Moss was pulling troops from everywhere across the country to barracks inside the city confines, her girls had more work than ever going into the different city barracks that there was still a slight smile on her face every day. The weather aswell had taken a distinct turn for the worse aswell as if it too suspected the end to be nigh. The sun hadn't shown its head for three days and clouds started to brew up over the city, at first they hadn't been too bad but now, wherever you went in the city, they could not be avoided. She didn't see the commander too much and whenever she did she was careful to cover tracks, always going to the palace district and
:iconthe-monoblos:The-Monoblos 2 1
C.O.W: Chapter 33
The second battle of the city Galamar, spring of the year three hundred and fifty three, sixth era. Also known as the battle of the Galamar uprising.
Pernal rode along the line on his dark bay horse slowly. Ferrial was trotting his horse closer to the gates and, when the gates opened from the inside, they would storm the city like there was no tomorrow. Ferrial had found a break in the Valiquen lines and had led two hundred cavalrymen through the gap. He had captured some refugee's who were native from Galamar and dragged them close to a farm which had been put to the torch during the first battle. There, they had claimed in an attempt to save their lives, there was a tunnel system which, if followed correctly, led to a gatehouse on Pernal's side of the city.
It was foggy which held their numbers well to anyone who might be watching. Spread out across their line in various places were torches in the dim light so close to the dawn. The torches also gave the impression that there were mu
:iconthe-monoblos:The-Monoblos 5 0
C.O.W: Chapter 32
Tris stood out in the cold night air, peering from his viewpoint in the new makeshift guard barracks to where Marrik supposedly lay in the slums. The new barracks had been built extremely hastily since the revolts in the slums which, in truth, were still going on. The bulk of the riots had stopped with the return of military order to the city's slums however in some areas the thugs still roamed freely destroying and looting what they could. It was only fitting Tris thought that the areas which they still rioted are around where Herrier was killed and where Marrik supposedly is now, He thought to himself as he tried to recall hat people had told him about Marrik, not having been around when the man had entered the city years ago. He calls himself a lord but in reality the only he's lord over are the mercenaries and whores in the slums. He was apparently the one to attack Madame Murrier's brothel finding out where it was in the process and will surely be looking to repeat the feat in fin
:iconthe-monoblos:The-Monoblos 5 0

Random Favourites

Fog in the Dawn by andreasrocha Fog in the Dawn :iconandreasrocha:andreasrocha 2,799 93 The waterfall by AndreeWallin The waterfall :iconandreewallin:AndreeWallin 2,526 94 The Ancient Hillfort by ReneAigner The Ancient Hillfort :iconreneaigner:ReneAigner 813 13 Dragons' Nest by GabrielWigren Dragons' Nest :icongabrielwigren:GabrielWigren 2,569 119 Chioni Snow Fortress by jordangrimmer Chioni Snow Fortress :iconjordangrimmer:jordangrimmer 951 20 Oak's Crossing by JonasDeRo Oak's Crossing :iconjonasdero:JonasDeRo 8,156 320 Marshland Condos by Wildweasel339 Marshland Condos :iconwildweasel339:Wildweasel339 3,379 122 Ald'ruhn by AlexeyRudikov Ald'ruhn :iconalexeyrudikov:AlexeyRudikov 1,675 136 Red Mountain by AlexeyRudikov Red Mountain :iconalexeyrudikov:AlexeyRudikov 3,113 168 Balmora. Aerial view by AlexeyRudikov Balmora. Aerial view :iconalexeyrudikov:AlexeyRudikov 2,739 165 Springs of Cresson by wraithdt Springs of Cresson :iconwraithdt:wraithdt 4,765 333 character study 07 by tahra character study 07 :icontahra:tahra 4,880 204 Imp001 by ChrisCold Imp001 :iconchriscold:ChrisCold 1,563 58 Entering the Stronghold by Danman87 Entering the Stronghold :icondanman87:Danman87 71 33 Novus Aeterno - Veni Vidi Vici by Danman87 Novus Aeterno - Veni Vidi Vici :icondanman87:Danman87 74 44 A Magnificent Journey by Danman87 A Magnificent Journey :icondanman87:Danman87 47 31
These could be from my 'world building', 'prints' & 'lierature' sub-sections of the favourites. The main faves folder goes without saying really. If you think you deserve to be here put up a link to it on the side and I will see where it fares amongst my faves.

:iconthe-monoblos: :iconcrliterature:


And we are back with week number 14 of TBT (that’s Throwback Thursday to those few of you not yet in the know). Before we start though, weeks one through thirteen can now be found all together in their own little folder for easy reference. Isn’t that nice!
:bulletred: Throwback Thursdays, the entire collection


Here is Throwback Thursday article #14!

Delectable DDs

Remembering uploads which have been given more than one ‘D’ on a project. I haven’t had two D’s since my old science teacher accidentally graded my potato battery twice (I used a radish). I say accidentally, she could just have been making her point absolutely clear.

They Also Serve Who Only Stand and WaitI don't know when we first went underground. I don't even know if it was one mass exodus, a swarm of mankind trickling through the earth's crust so vehement we carved our own caverns by the force of trampling feet, or whether it was a gradual process, perhaps even a repetitive one, a family here, a neighborhood there. For all I know, the echo of the damp subterranean machine has always reverberated off the cave walls, created long past by the Angels, who think of our well-being even while they shake their heads helplessly at our flaws.
They say that those who remained on the surface were raptured away in a great flash of light, like a million suns converted into raw energy all at once. While it was rumored once that the flash was our doing, our own horrid creation, we all know better now. It was the Maker who brought it forth from the void and cast it onto the earth's crust, as though shot from an immense sling, taking only those who were brave enough to trust in Him. We, who live in t
Choose Your Name“John Brant,” I whispered, and a dashing British gentleman appeared in my mind, arrogant and suave as the slim-fitting Italian suit he wore. He sounded classy, not overly pompous. But there was just something about him. He could be the cool confident charmer I was looking for. But he could just as well be a stiff stocky soldier with his pride shoved far up his ass.
“John Chase,” The name rolled smoothly off my tongue. Another man took form, both the same and different from the first. He was just as charming, perhaps a little lower in class with a bolder tongue. And was that a little mischief I saw in his eyes? Undoubtedly, he was smoother than the latter. He could work. A common name for a common man. Maybe a little too common. But he could work.
“John Davies,” I frowned, my eyes still closed as I wrinkled my brow. This man was full of question marks. Unlike the previous two, I couldn’t picture him quite as clearly. And I wasn’t su
The Drug OperaAs dusk dripped thick through a coffee filter brume, the edges of the sky blistered and curled in on themselves like a photograph aflame. The orphaned troupe Alamort marched - no, limped, dragged their fractured marionette legs over the macadamized road towards a sizzling neon sign, the vista bathed in its bright red panicked heartbeat. A plaque of hoary grout plugged the fossil veins of crack-toothed cobblestone, whispered salty scandal to their tattered shoes. Rainwater crept through seams in the jigsaw stone, trilling toward Canaan in days-long fingers of living mercury.
And they followed it, the five pairs of abandoned feet, walking the dew lines like liquid tight rope toward their aqueous juncture, to where the melted clouds converged in pulsating chrome puddles; at the grand and pompous feet of The Drug Opera.
Relic, Whimsy, Fustian, Antic, Sorry; kith ranging in years from seventeen to twenty-eight. They dissolved into a line, hand melding into hand like the grimy pearls

But wait! Brace yourself and/or hold onto your butts because this little beauty may just be the cream of the crop:


Reusable resources

Here to remind you that ‘I’ always comes before ‘E’ except after ‘C’ (apart from when you run eight feisty heists on a weird beige foreign neighbour).

The NonVerbal Thesaurus
Not spoken > Body Language.
Latin thesaurus, treasury, from Greek thesauros.
n. pl. the•sau•ri (-sôri) or the•sau•rus•es
1. A book of synonyms, often including related and contrasting words and antonyms.
2. A book of selected words or concepts, such as a specialized vocabulary of a particular field.
The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2009.
Dialogue is VISUAL
-- Not just a bunch of words.

Watch the average conversation between two people. 90% of that conversation isn't in what's Spoken, it's in what they are DOING while they are speaking. It's in their Body Language. Body-language cues in your story alert the reader by SHOWING them what is going on in a character's head without Telling t
A Guide to Writing DialogueWhat is dialogue, exactly? The definition from Merriam-Webster’s dictionary was several lines long, so I shall summarize it in a short sentence for the sake of the readers; it’s the writing that illustrates conversations between two or more characters in a story. We read and hear it all around us, but creating it in your own work can be a challenge. However, if you find dialogue an obstacle in your writing, then don’t push the panic button. In this tutorial, you’ll find by analyzing what dialogue can do and how to use it, you can turn your greatest fear into your greatest ally in your story.
What dialogue is
Like I’ve asserted before, dialogue is basically what the characters are saying to each other. It can be found in multiple mediums such as books, movies, comics, video games, etc.  We even engage in dialogue daily without even thinking. When you talk to your best friend, a co-worker, or even your dog, you create dialogue. It’s exchang
PE: Literature Basics SettingsLiterature Basics Week
Along with characters and plot, setting is one of the most important choices we make when we write. In the most basic terms, setting is where your literary work takes place. It's up to you, as the author, to use it and mold it to fit the needs of your writing, make it more than just a backdrop to your prose or poetry.

A good setting becomes like a character itself. It can be express moods, offer comfort or hindrance. The setting can even be the main antagonist - consider the Overlook Hotel in Stephen King's The Shining, or the island in the 2000 Tom Hanks' film, Cast Away. In both of these examples, the protagonist(s) have to survive their surroundings, one mundane, the other ... less so.
Make Your Setting Work For You
Everything in your written work must be chosen for maximum effect. When deciding on your setting, decide what you want to accomplish with it. Here are some possibilities.
A Guide to Writing StyleWriting Style - The Bottom Line
“Words are like sunbeams.  The more they are condensed, the deeper they burn.”       - Robert Southey
“Prose is architecture, not interior decorating.”       - Ernest Hemingway
Writing style is made up of two things: cadence and variation.
Good style is clear, readable, and invisible.  Its purpose is not to attract attention to itself but to transport readers into the world of your story.  If your readers notice your style without purposefully intending to study it, your style needs to be improved and refined.  Good style, however, is transparent so that your readers simply see the characters and world of your story rather than the words you use to portray them.
To write with cadence simply means that your writing should sound natural.  If it sounds right to you, it probably is--but if it doesn’t sound right,


Past prompts

Prompts, solving writers block for centuries. Disclaimer: don’t try them out on a cinder-block for that is something really quite different.

20 Writing Prompts20 Writing Prompts
“This shouldn’t hurt.” She said quietly, soulless eyes downcast.
An empty street, once filled with colour and life, was far more desolate than one that had always been barren.
My shadow crept across the wall as I waited; the clock’s ticking dragging me through each long second with hope for the next.
I’d read between the lines, but it didn’t mean I liked what I’d found.
He dropped his head, the fatigue of days finally seeping into his abused muscles; the last of his strength finally gone.
“Look,” he’d said softly, pointing at the night sky and the only light that littered the velvet night; the stars. My eyes shot back to him quizzically, the unspoken question on my lips. He laughed as he always did, eyes creasing in his merriment. “When you’ve finished counting all the stars in the sky,” he said, voice dropping to a whisper, “that’s when I’ll come home to you.”
You could see h
  10 Writing Prompts"The purpose of life is to fight maturity." -Dick Werthimer
"Life is something that happens when you can't get to sleep."-Fran Lebowitz
"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed."-Carl Jung
"Sometimes when you look back on a situation, you realize it wasn't all you thought it was. A beautiful girl walked into your life. You fell in love. Or did you? Maybe it was only a childish infatuation, or maybe just a brief moment of vanity. "-Henry Bromel
"Friendship is certainly the finest balm for the pangs of disappointed love." -Jane Austin
"There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered."-Nelson Mandela
"When someone allows you to bear his burdens, you have found deep friendship."
"I no doubt deserved my enemies, but I don't believe I deserved my friends." - Walt Whitman
"It hurts to find out that what you wanted doesn't match what you
  ScreamPrompt #27, August 2012 + group changes!We're gonna do something a little different.  Here's the prompt for the month:  
Write a story.  It should be at least 1000 words but no more than 2000.  It can be a vignette or a short story.  It can be any genre.  It can be any POV.  Hell, it can even be in 2nd person!
:bulletred: It can't be that easy.
You're right.  
You can't use any adverbs.  
Remember where you are.  
:bulletred:  Lolwut?  No adverbs?
There are many types of adverbs and uses; the following information is a quick overview.  Read through that and then I will explain further what I am looking for.  I RECOMMEND YOU READ THE SOURCES LISTED BELOW because I don't want to just copy-paste from them and they will explain more in-depth than I want to get into here; this is a prompt, not a workshop.


Random literature gallery

Simply entitled ‘Chapter 1’.

Fledgling - Chapter 1 by GreyBird4 Magic's Secret Chapter 1Chapter 1
~Magic's Hold~
Fog clung to the early morning, its grey mantle shrouding the earth with an ominous sense of melancholy.  The icy bite of the frosted earth stole past the thin straw pallet which served as a bed.  Victorious in its onslaught, Helene awoke in a wave of irrepressible shivers.
She brushed honey-gold tangles away from her sea-green eyes, peering into the morn's gloomy ill-humor.  "Pox on the weather," she mumbled, keeping her voice low.  She slipped free from the woolen rag of a blanket and the tangle of her little sister's arms, careful not to disturb the child's fitful slumber.  Her freed hand brushed back Annel's damp ringlets -- no fever.
At the light touch the child jerked, and a weak whimper preceded a spate of rambling words.  "It's emerald.  I seen… I seen it.  Emerald!"
"Shush, Nel.  It be okay."
The child's eyelids barely raised
FOX09T Book 1 Chapter 1F09T Book 1 Chapter One  -  Larissa Of Foxwood
      As the first soft gray wave of pre-dawn light filtered in through the open bedroom window, there was the slightest movement beneath the blankets.  He detected it of course immediately, his peaked ears twitching and rotating like tiny radar stations, his ever-vigilant amber eyes flashing fully open.  Yes, she was stirring.  Soon she would be awake.  His guardian duties were done for another night.  He carefully raised himself from where he had lain curled up at the foot of the bed and alighted with a little jump from the bed to the floor. His four black-stockinged paws made no sound as he padded across the hardwood floor.  Then came the short hop to the dresser top beneath the open window.  There he hesitated to turn and regard his sleeping charge for a moment before departing. He wondered how such a seemin
Chapter 1
        Her bare feet struck the ground, lacking any sort of rhythm. Brush, thorns and brambles caught on her toes and heels, but she refused to stop. However, she remembered to curse them. She mumbled profanities and harshly informed each prick that, if she had the time, she would have ripped it to shreds.
        The woods seemed to enclose around her faster and faster with each rugged rise and fall of her chest, trying to trap her and tie her to her fate as a mistreated plaything. Smoky, soot-ridden air swept from the dismal town behind her and pricked at her eyes. The wind picked up her hair, making it whip and slash her face. She wanted to rip it all out, every strand, and throw it into the woods to join the infuriating high-heels she cast aside earlier. However, she would not dare pry her concentration away from the stretch in front of her. She was determined to escape and she would not let herself st


Throwback questions

1) Has there been anything you regret not writing in the past (specifically talking about ‘finished’ projects)? If so, what?

2) If ‘yes’ to question 1, do you intent to rectify this by going back in the future? I hope so.


Once again all features in this article are older than two years old, which should mean no more nappy changing – but you all saw apocathary’s delightfully wondrous DD in this week’s selection. So I’ll simply finish by reminding you that if you have any suggestions for future TBTs you can feel free to note CRLiterature or any member of our team.


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