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Random Favourites

These could be from my 'world building', 'prints' & 'lierature' sub-sections of the favourites. The main faves folder goes without saying really. If you think you deserve to be here put up a link to it on the side and I will see where it fares amongst my faves.




Prompt box

As you may know I moderate for #WriteRoom and have put up many prompts for their visitors to work on. For your benefit here they all are, if any more come aling they shall be added to this here list.

write a 2,000 word essay on the differences between the words there, their & they're, why? Because you're illiterate
Write a 2,000 word story on a day in the life of a chess piece, any chess piece
Write a 2,000 word story on how aspects of both communism and capitalism could change your life either for the better or the worse
You are in a high class dinner party but, leaving to go the gents room, or the ladies, a chandelier falls on top of you. In no less than 2,000 words describe how you get out of this situation and explain it to the host
You are falling down a never ending sinkhole, not able to get back up ever again in your life. In 2,000 words describe your feelings as you know you will never see your family/friends/loved ones again
You are a giant squid, living in the depths of oceans, one of the top predators in your habitat, but one day you wander away from home and, in 2,000 words, describe how you fare when coming up against other top predators of sharks and man'o'war jellyfish
The Mayan’s believed that the world is due to end on the 25th December 2012 (the best Christmas present ever (sarcasm)) but as all information they held has been destroyed we don't know how it is to happen. In 2,000 words write about the last day of the world
You lie in a bed, freshly cleaned and ready for you but it doesnt feel right, maybe its the countless wires sticking into your arm, the board on your right threatening to flatline or the really obnoxious nurse staring over you since the younger, good looking one went home after her shift finished two hours ago. Face it, you're in a hospital and you don't know what you've got
Squirrels, yes squirrels. The furry little critters, red and grey and killing each other. Recently though they have been fighting a war against the pigeons of the world, going so far as to Kamikaze bomb them from trees. The war between these two creatures, mainly considered vermin is your task to document as the sole thought of it takes up your entire mind. (Prompt added by *The-Monoblos)

February '14 Update

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 9, 2014, 2:27 PM
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Okay, we're in February & I haven't done an update since September, barely done anything since September in fact. Although that said, I think everyone knows just how inactive I can be. I am sloth - I am the fourth Cardinal sin. Ugh, so what's happened in the last few months...

:bulletred: Firstly I released my new project, that seems to have been in the works forever. Or rather I released the first act of it, the first 30,000 words or so. And bare in mind that this project is not a paying project, it's in my own free time, unlike other projects in my personal life which I won't bother to go into here. It consisted of six chapters and was released over and around the christmas period. Here's a link to the first chapter, if you can spare the time please read it & let me know what you think:… (The second act will 'hopefully' be coming out sometime in the summer when I might actually be able to get around to doing it.

:bulletred: as ever you can find me on a number of groups where I'd be happy to take a look at any works you might have (prose please - & Fantasy/sci fi):, fantasyauthorsguild.deviantart… & the-dragon-writers.deviantart.… - also, as ever, there is a good chance that you might find me in the chats from around 9.30 ish (GMT) onwards:… or, if you want whatever you needed looked at private go to… - failing that, everyone is always welcome to send me a personal note on whatever's on their mind.

:bulletred: On a different note, I am hoping to go to some form of devmeet in the near future - I'm currently in London so if anyone knows any, let me know & all the same I might end up in the big summer one anyway (& it'll probably be after that when I next update this journal anyway). And that is that for another 17 months as it may well turn out. Until next time; have fun.

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Literature; commissions for prose
1,400 words of descriptive fiction OR three 500 word character builds OR 1,500 words towards a world build (include in your request which you desire). As you might imagine this is Prose only - I reserve the right to deny any poetry request or drawings.

You will receive your commission by private correspondence. You are welcome to request all genres *as long as you remember to tell me which genre you want me to work on in the request*.
From myself accepting a commission you may have 24 hours to withdraw if you decide against it (just send me a private message) - you will receive 50% of the funds with which you requested if this is the case. After 24 hours I will take all the funds due to the fact that I will be already well under way.



:angry: by CookiemagiK:angry: by CookiemagiK:angry: by CookiemagiK:angry: by CookiemagiK:angry: by CookiemagiK:angry: by CookiemagiK:angry: by CookiemagiK:angry: by CookiemagiK:angry: by CookiemagiK:angry: by CookiemagiK:angry: by CookiemagiK:angry: by CookiemagiK:angry: by CookiemagiK:angry: by CookiemagiK
Just to let you know - if you're here to comment 'thanks for the fav, view, watch, whatever' - DONT DO IT. It's incredibly frustrating, blocks up my inbox a little & will undoubtedly be marked as spam before too long. The comments I want to see here are critique or someone asking for a critique.

People who do it WILL be blocked from this page WITHOUT FAIL. If you think you are special and this doesn't apply to you then you are WRONG and an ever bigger fool than I anticipated.

Get the idea people!

:angry: by CookiemagiK:angry: by CookiemagiK:angry: by CookiemagiK:angry: by CookiemagiK:angry: by CookiemagiK:angry: by CookiemagiK:angry: by CookiemagiK:angry: by CookiemagiK:angry: by CookiemagiK:angry: by CookiemagiK:angry: by CookiemagiK:angry: by CookiemagiK:angry: by CookiemagiK:angry: by CookiemagiK


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